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5 Tips to Save Postage with Your Packaging for eCommerce Shipping

Updated: May 23


Are you feeling the sting of the new postage rates? If you are looking for new ways to save, it might be time to look at your packaging. Sometimes a change in packaging can result in big savings.


Here are the top five changes that we recommend to our eCommerce fulfillment:

  1. Skip the boxes and go with a poly mailer or bubble mailer whenever possible. Not only are boxes expensive, but they also weigh more. Of course, sometimes a box is the only option but whenever possible we recommend skipping it!

  2. If you must use a box, select the smallest box you can possibly use. Shipping rates are calculated on both weight and package dimensions and the larger the package is, the higher the rates. Even USPS Ground Advantage now has significant rate differences based on size.

  3. Is box filler weighing you down? Be sure you are selecting lightweight fillers such as air bubbles or bubble wrap.

  4. There is nothing better than free packaging and all of the carriers offer some free packaging options. While many of these options are only available with the most expensive services, we have seen that some of the Priority Mail Flat Rate options turn out to be cheaper than Ground Advantage. It is worth it to take a look at the options they have available. We recently saved a new customer an average of $2 per shipment by switching to the USPS Priority Mail Padded Envelope.

  5. Finally, we recommend being very thoughtful about the personal touches you add to your packaging. Freebee’s or special packaging can add to the weight of your package. If you are looking to add a personal touch without increasing postage costs, there are lots of options. Some of our favorites include adding a QR code that links to valuable content, printing custom packaging, adding a special note to the packing slip, and selecting packaging that matches your corporate colors.


If you’re looking for more ways you can save on postage costs with your Shopify fulfillment or personalize your packaging, check us out on Facebook or Instagram, where we are constantly posting new content and helpful tips.

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