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5 Tips to Go Green With Your eCommerce Shipping

Updated: Apr 10

Earth Month is hear and at Key we are celebrating by giving you tons of ideas for greening your order fulfillment. Today we are focusing on ways to reduce the environmental impact of your shipping.


For more tips to support your efforts to reduce environmental impact, check out our Facebook or Instagram page all month long. We are posting lots of green ideas with the hashtag #gogreenwithkey.


Whether you are looking for quick ideas to reduce your impact or you are working towards carbon-neutral shipping, here are five steps to get you started.


  1. Did you know that jet fuel produces significantly more carbon output than trucks? While we understand that some packages need to be expedited. Ground shipping is the greenest option and switching to USPS Ground Advantage or another ground option with your small business fulfillment will make a big difference!

  2. Do you have customers who place more than one order within a few hours or days? We know that this can be rare for some businesses and common in others. If you have a Shopify business that receives multiple orders from the same customer, go ahead and consolidate those orders into one package.

  3. No one likes packages returned to the sender because of a bad address, including the planet! Be sure you are using an eCommerce platform or shipper that verifies address accuracy before shipping.

  4. While there are certainly problems with the carbon offset system, it can make a difference. You can select to offset the carbon from shipping but you can also offer that option to your customers for a small fee. If you choose to do so, we recommend doing your research and ensuring that you are selecting a reputable company for carbon offsetting.

  5. If you are ready to outsource your pick, pack, and shipping, select a 3PL that shares your values for environmental consciousness. Ask them what they are doing to reduce their impact, and consider that information in your decision-making process.


This time of year flowers literally spring from the ground and our world once again turns green, we can all take a moment to see what easy changes we can make to go green. If you would like to learn more about how your small business fulfillment can go green, we would love to help you out. Please give us a call at 720-486-2102 or


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