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10 Ideas to Personalize eCommerce Shipping Packages for Under 10¢

Woman packaging box.

We have been talking about prices going up for so long that I think we must all be getting a bit sick of it so I’ll cut straight to the chase with 10 ideas for how you can personalize your order fulfillment packaging without breaking the bank!


  1. Thank You stickers are a classic choice. You can buy ready-made stickers for a very low price or even get a custom-printed sticker for under 10¢. Oh and as for where to put them, the can be placed on the box, on the packing slip, or on a tissue paper wrap around the product.

  2. White tissue paper is another classic option that can make your package feel special.

  3. Messages printed on the front or back of the packing slip can include care instructions, special offers, corporate information, or just a good old-fashioned Thank You. If your system doesn’t allow this type of customization, just preprint the message and then run it back through the printer to add that packing slip information.

  4. Custom kraft tape can include the logo, motto, values, or other short special message and you have to close the box anyway. It might as well stand out!

  5. Stretch Loop Bows can be a great touch for the right type of product. It takes your package from being just another purchase to feeling like a gift.

  6. Colored crinkle paper can really grab your customer's attention while also protecting products during shipping. To keep prices low, ensure that your box is nearly a perfect fit so you don’t have to use more crinkle paper than necessary.

  7. Stamps aren’t just for the kids. A nice logo stamp on the box or packing slip is nearly free once the custom stamp is purchased and a quick way to add your logo to the box.

  8. Printed black & white inserts highlighting your community involvement, green practices, or company news can be a fun way to keep customers

  9. Stickers with a meaningful quote or unique art can be stuck on the package or just set in the package so that customers can use them. I know it seems like stickers are for the kids but the right sticker can be a fun surprise. I recently received a decal style sticker highlighting my town with a short phrase and beautiful artwork and I love it!

  10. Printing your packing slip on colored paper is a very simple way to add your corporate colors and stand out from the norm.


There you have it! Even on a tight budget you can refresh your packaging and stand out from the crowd.

If you are looking for more packaging ideas we have tons of tips on everything from packaging to reduce shipping costs to environmentally friendly packaging. Check out our prior blogs, Facebook, or Instagram pages today!         

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